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bootcmd for buster on TS-209

I unfortunately migrated by Debian to buster before reading the notes
for the QNAP. Now I have an initrd ~ 6M. I did move my /boot partition
to a non-LVM partition, so I can skip adding LVM to my initrd. Even so,
it's large, with the main culprits apparently libcrypto and libc.

Is there a way I can put the initrd into any extra unused NVRAM? I saw
an email about RootFS2, but I'm not sure how I can configure
flash_kernel to write to those partitions.
If I can't use flash_kernel, do these DD command lines work?
% dd if=/boot/initrd of=/dev/mtd2 size=1024 count=4096
% dd if=/boot/initrd of=/dev/mtd3 size=1024 skip=4096 count=1024

And then the bootcmd:
% fw_setenv bootargs 'console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/ram rw
% fw_setenv bootcmd 'cp.b 0xff200000 0x800000 0x3fffff; cp.b 0xff600000
0xC00000 0xfffff; bootm 0xff000000'

I don't have a serial console so I'm being extra careful and would
appreciate any feedback.

I'm especially not sure I have the right addr/size for the dd and cp.b
commands. I assume the bootm will execute from the Kernel MTD block?

Thanks, Luigi

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