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Re: Issues installing libc6:arm64 on amd64

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 3:28 PM Gene Heskett wrote:

> Whatever gave you the idea that arm (aarch64) software, any version,
> compiled for arm would run on amd64 hardware?

It is pretty clear that is not what the poster was asking about, but
there are two ways this can happen:

When your CPU supports multiple architectures at the same time. I
recently learned of a couple of vendors of CPUs that have a MIPSish
native ISA but also support MIPS, ARM, x86 and RISC-V (with the latter
3 being slower than the native ISA and MIPS).

When you install qemu-user-static and run the binaries on an amd64
system, or create an emulated machine using qemu-system-* and install
a full ARM OS in them.



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