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Re: Debian installer auf Pinebook (Was: X11 modul for pinebook?)

Thank you both for replying so quickly, and Vagrant for all the
information! arm64 is still quite the blackbox for me, and it seems that
every device out there is a bit "special" ;-)

On 10/31/20 7:37 PM, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> On 2020-10-31, Christian Kastner wrote:
>> Assuming that I figure out how to connect the serial (apparently through
>> the headphone jack), should installation over serial be routine, or are
>> there also still gotchas?
> You'll probably need to toggle a switch inside the case:
>   https://linux-sunxi.org/Pine_Pinebook#Adding_a_serial_port
> I'll boot to serial console and see if I can't identify the missing
> modules...
I'll also give it a try as soon as I have another time window open
(which won't be that soon though, unfortunately...)

By the way, for any considering using this as an airgapped system (as I
will, at some point), I found this useful description on how to
permanently disable the WiFi chip. All it requires is removing one resistor:


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