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Re: Installation images for arm64 - PINE A64+

On Ma, 27 oct 20, 08:02:18, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> For arm64, there's at least support for Pinebook Pro and Rock64 and
> numerous other systems:
>   https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/arm64/20201027-02:17/netboot/SD-card-images/
> I or others have tested that they boot at some point during the
> development process, though it has been a while since I tested any.

The image for PINE A64+ (firmware.pinea64_plus.img) boots fine here on 
HDMI. Tested standalone (it tries to boot via TFTP) or concatenated with 
the partition.img from the testing installer (is there a newer one to 

The only issue (not new) is that the Logitech K400 is not usable in 
u-boot. It works fine it the installer.

Is this expected?

Kind regard,

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