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Re: ipv6 old addresses never deleted

El 14/8/20 a les 1:49, Daniel Gröber ha escrit:

Uff, yeah that's bad. I'd contact the ISP and ask them to fix this their
deployment is quite broken if they do things like this.

I think the problem is the bottom of the barrel router they're using (zte, running linux 2.6.36, enough said, but it manages to nat 600Mbps nicely).

You can try running rdisc6 (from the ndisc6 debian packge) to see exactly
what is wrong with the RAs or if it's some other component that's broken

I'll try that, thank you.

I'd use OpenWrt for this use cases since I haven't had to figured out how
to do dynamic prefix assignment properly using software in Debian yet but I
know it just-works^{TM} on OpenWrt.

The medium term plan is to replace their router with one running openwrt, that's why I hacked my router: to get the PPPoE and voip credentials ;-)
I'm just waiting until they manage to put openwrt on the xiaomi AX3600 :-D

Well, since they're valid "forever" that doesn't remove any address :-/

Indeed, I was hoping that surely your ISP isn't _that_ incompetent :)

You should see the rest, at least this one is taking ipv6 seriously.

I'm not sure how linux even manages to use the correct address in this
case. My guess would be that the old ones just stop working but since the
are all preferred>0 it might just pick a random one. You can use something

     ping -6 -S 2a0c:5a84:3307:5700:ea94:f6ff:fe15:307a debian.org

It's simpler than that: curl icanhazip.com
Or I can just look the /64 prefix assigned to the router.

Thank you again.


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