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FriendlyARM NanoPi NEO Plus2 Support


I've managed to boot and install the FriendlyARM NanoPi NEO Plus 2 with
the FriendlyARM NanoPi NEO sdcard image.

While it's work well on sdcard but slowly (exept wifi see below),

i've moved / on eMMC and keep /boot on sdcard.

Now i would like to have all filesystems on eMMC but was unable to do,

i've tried compilling u-boot from source but need some help to do that's
with either u-boot on main eMMC partition or

eMMC boot partition (ex: mmcblk0boot0).

I'dont remember if i was registered on debian-arm, please send me a copie.


Ps: For the wifi it's seem it doesn't load correctly the firmware:

[    7.615241] usbcore: registered new interface driver brcmfmac
[    7.626931] brcmfmac mmc1:0001:1: firmware: direct-loading firmware
[    7.627069] brcmfmac mmc1:0001:1: firmware: failed to load
brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.friendlyarm,nanopi-neo-plus2.txt (-2)
[    7.638037] firmware_class: See https://wiki.debian.org/Firmware for
information about missing firmware

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