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Graphical installer on arm64

I've been working on getting Debian installer to run on my chromebook (kevin) for a while and I've also tested Wookey's patches [1] for enabling the graphical parts. The inputs didn't work with just those udebs as reported then, but adding 'event-modules-${kernel:Version}' as well to the pkg-list fixed that for me.

I also had to add device-specific modules to appropriate udebs, but my chromebook's keyboard, touchpad (only the buttons), touchscreen, pen and a wireless USB mouse works in my tested build.

Can anyone else test this on other arm64 machines? I'm pretty sure it would work, but I suspect chromebook hardware to be weird so my success might not be indicative of general success.

AFAIK similar changes are needed for other installer types and I intend to eventually work on those (though not immediately), unless someone else does it first (in which case I'd be glad to help if I can). Other than that, is there anything missing for these patches to be merged?

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2019/01/msg00183.html

(I'm not subscribed to the lists, please CC: me for replies.)

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