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Re: Bug#928612: u-boot-sunxi: Enable support for NanoPi NEO2

On Mi, 08 mai 19, 18:28:28, Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> The first road block is the partitioner, if let alone it creates a
> regular GPT (don't know if it could be instructed to create a legacy MBR
> instead) and so overwrites the spl+u-boot leaving the board completely
> unbootable.

It's possible to create other partition table types in expert mode. 
However, in my experience even an 'msdos' partition table messed up 

> To work around this, I prepare the GPT manually with the famous 4 entries
> (see the extra menu in fdisk) and configure the partitions at my wish,
> then the installer can reuse them preserving my hand crafted GPT and
> the bootability up to u-boot.

It is sufficient to just create the partition table, deleting and adding 
partitions from the installer (manual partitioning) should be safe.

> The installation process goes nicely but grub installation fails,
> as it seems to be expected [0]. The board is left unbootable.

Just curios, since I'm not familiar with this particular board, but why 
do you need grub if you already have u-boot?

Kind regards,

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