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Re: "external abort on linefetch (0x814)" on Kirkwood 6282 SoC

2018-07-22 09:54 GMT+03:00 Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki@gmail.com>:
> "Network doesn't work". I'm not sure what's going on, but the
> installer isn't able to enable the network, even though the network
> device exists and can be configured. Cable is connected similarly to
> normal operation and lights are blinking (and obviously the system was
> just booted with TFTP from u-boot too).

Hello everybody,

I have a Fujitsu Q703 aka. QNap TS-221, with 1GB of RAM and 6282 variant chip inside, and I have hit this behavior.

I whipped up a Debian Buster VM, in which I can now easily cross-compile kernels. For now, I enabled CONFIG_VMSPLIT_3G_OPT and compiled 4.19.28-2 zImage, bundled it with kirkwood-ts219-6282.dtb (this is the correct for my model, right?) and turned it into an uImage. The initrd I used is http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/buster/main/installer-armel/20190410/images/kirkwood/network-console/qnap/ts-21x/initrd. After flashing the device boots up fine (it beeps and doesn't reboot, power led stays solid green), but it's not accessible via SSH, nor does it get an IP address but the LEDs blink normally - I think this is the same situation Timo had. I have used the recovery image QNap provided and re-flashed the kernel by flash-debian script (and manually cat-ing, too), but soon I should have my TTL serial adaptor ready.

I would like to help testing, if you have any ideas. What should I try next?

Matti Viljanen

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