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Re: a Debian executable on Android

There are also odd ways of running Debian under Android like the
Debian kit.  They use Android's Linux kernel and supply most of a
Debian userland.  The trouble is it's pretty busy accomplishing
nothing in Android, the load average in Debian is pretty high.  Search
Debian on Google Play if you're interested.  I haven't bothered with
it in a while.

On 3/25/19, Tony Godshall <togo@of.net> wrote:
>> Also, any device that has a yes in the mainline column for postmarketOS:
>> https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Devices
> OK, so that's a precious short list, many not actual hardware, with
> two surprises (Sony).
> Generic Generic x64 uefi
> LG Nexus 5 lg-hammerhead
> Nokia N9
> Nokia N900
> Pine A64-LTS
> Qemu aarch64
> QEMU amd64
> Qemu vexpress
> Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 1 & 2
> Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 3
> Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi Zero
> Sony Xperia Z2
> Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
> Teclast X80 Pro
> TrekStor Surftab Wintron 7.0

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