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Re: Installation media for arm64

On 2019-03-23, Christian Kastner wrote:
> I recently purchased a A64-OLinuXino and I believe it should be
> supported by the tooling in buster.
> For armhf, SD card images are provided [3], this seems incredibly
> useful. I couldn't find any for arm64, nor could I find a hd-media
> tarball. Are there any plans to provide these in future? I'd be
> willing to serve as a tester.

There are u-boot images for related platforms:


Might be a one-liner to add A64-OLinuXino for debian-installer.

Those can be used with the EFI boot media on USB:


It might be worth exploring setting up proper SDCard images too, since
having to have two different media is a bit annoying.

Though I know there's some reluctance to introduce non-EFI booting on
arm64, there are a handful of platforms which just work a lot better
using u-boot and the .dtb shipped with the booted kernel version. And
the allwinner ATF implementation media offset conflicts with GPT, which
our current EFI images use...

As usual, it's always a lot harder than anyone feels like it should
be. :/

live well,

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