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Re: Rebuilding the entire Debian archive twice on arm64 hardware for fun and proft

On 06/01/19 23:45, Steve McIntyre wrote:
    In my initial testing for rebuilding armhf only, I did not enable
    either of these. I was then finding *lots* of "Illegal Instruction"
    crashes due to CP15 barrier usage in armhf Haskell and Mono
    programs. This suggests that the baseline architecture in these
    toolchains is incorrectly set to target ARMv6 rather than
    ARMv7. That should be fixed and all those packages rebuilt at some
Haskell does appear to be configured for armv7 in Debian (in the sense that I had to patch the package in Raspbian to make it build for armv6). I would guess for haskell that this is an issue that needs digging into the upstream source, not just looking at the build system.

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