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Re: Debian buster on Pine64+ (2 GiB RAM)

On 2018-12-09, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Du, 09 dec 18, 10:23:02, Christian Marillat wrote:
>> I don't see issues with the experimental kernel 4.19.5-1~exp1 :
> Could the issue be with u-boot then, possibly not initializing the 
> hardware correctly?
> I'm using the u-boot-sunxi 2018.11+dfsg-1 package from Debian.

I've also tested it with 2018.11+dfsg-1(and nearly all of the versions
uploaded to debian), and it works for me more reliably than earlier
u-boot versions.

I've seen occasional issues on the pine64+ with ethernet either not
showing a device at all, or with showing a device but being unable to
get a dhcp lease... I have an early generation pine64+ with a hardware
bug that works much better forcing it to 100mbit speeds...

The allwinner-A64 also tends to have issues with the clock being
unstable; periodically leaping into the future by 90+ years... which
cause all sorts of issues... such as dhcp leases are always expired.

live well,

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