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Re: Debian buster on Pine64+ (2 GiB RAM)

On Sb, 08 dec 18, 13:23:31, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> On 2018-12-08, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> > I'm trying to run buster on a Pine64+ (2 GiB RAM). So far I created the 
> > rootfs with debootstrap, installed linux-image-arm64 and ran 
> > u-boot-install-sunxi64 on the SD card.
> >
> > The systems boots only to the u-boot prompt, so I'm missing something to 
> > have u-boot find and load the kernel.
> You'll want u-boot-menu and/or flash-kernel installed. I'd recommend
> u-boot-menu since you have a simple partition layout.
Thanks, this was indeed the missing piece (and running u-boot-update).
> > In case it matters, the SD card has only one ext4 partition marked 
> > bootable and I have HDMI output and keyboard input at the u-boot prompt 
> > (I don't have serial).
> Glad to hear HDMI output is working!


> I would strongly recommend getting a serial adapter as well in case you
> need it at some point. In case the kernel version you have installed
> doesn't yet support HDMI or other surprises along the way.

HDMI and network don't work with 4.18, which means it's useless for my 

HDMI does however work with 4.19 from experimental and there appears to 
be some progress also for ethernet support, but still not completed (?).

Any idea on when support is expected?

Just in case others have the same issue, with 4.19 the boot would get 
stuck immediately *after* printing:

    random: crng init done

It booted successfully after I added 'rootwait' as boot parameter.


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