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Re: Red/green blinking LED on QNAP TS220

Hi Paul,

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, but only the section I copied into my mail is relevant for your problem. This is independent from BTRFS and 1G of RAM, so don't start flashing your kernel. I'm not sure what broke the configuration of qcontrol for you now though ...


Am 2018-12-06 17:58, schrieb Paul van der Vlis:
Hi Moritz and others,

Thanks for you help. I could fix the problem, but I have some
corrections on the info:

Op 06-12-18 om 16:16 schreef Moritz Horstmann:
Hi Paul,

This might be a problem with qcontrol in stretch, your fan is also
probably not controlled.
See this blogpost for a proposed fix:

This is about btrfs, I am using ext4.
And about 1GB RAM, this device has 501 MB RAM.

Solution (fixes led, buzzer and fan): #qcontrol needs stretch backports:
apt-get -t stretch-backports install qcontrol, so add to

deb http://ftp.ch.debian.org/debian/ stretch-backports main

and /lib/systemd/system/qcontrold.services is broken: replaces lines

typo. It's  /lib/systemd/system/qcontrold.service


ConditionPathExists=/dev/input/by-path/platform-gpio_keys-event (kernel
4.9) or platform-gpio-keys-event (kernel 3.16)

I did this.

and afterwards run
dpkg –configure qcontrol

Gave problems:
root@qnap:/home/paul# dpkg –configure qcontrol
dpkg: error: need an action option
root@qnap:/home/paul# dpkg-reconfigure qcontrol
/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: qcontrol is broken or not fully installed

I did again "apt-get -t stretch-backports install qcontrol". This gave a
W: APT had planned for dpkg to do more than it reported back (0 vs 4).
   Affected packages: qcontrol:armel

After that I could start qcontrold with "service qcontrold start" and
the LED does not blink anymore. The fan seems to be controlled (says
"service qcontrold status".

Flashing the kernel and initrmafs takes some time...

Thanks for the help!

With regards,



Am 2018-12-06 15:09, schrieb Paul van der Vlis:

I have a QNAP TS220 here, used for backups. It runs many years 24/7,
every time upgraded. Now Debian9.

But I had a problem, I could not access it anymore. A hard reboot did
not help, a reboot of my switch did help. So I can access it now again
using SSH. I am using mdadm, and the raid seems to be OK.

My "problem" is that I see a red/green flashing LED. I have not seen
that before, so far I know.  Can somebody tell me what it means? Or how
I can find that?

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis

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