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Re: Is there a way to make the pi use swap?

On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 8:16 PM, Alan Corey <alan01346@gmail.com> wrote:
> My /etc/fstab just has
>  /var/swap2 none swap sw 0 0
> That's for a swap file which was made by dding 0s into it, then running mkswap.
> You'd replace /var/swap2 with /dev/sda2
> Sounds like you're just not loading it from your fstab.  Should load
> every boot.  Nothing new or tricky there.

In addition, it also helps to set swappiness to a low value, like 1 or
3, on modern kernels. That has the effect of telling the kernel to
prefer to keep things in memory.

With swapon and low swappiness I can actually run a C++ compiler with
multiple jobs and without an OOM kill.


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