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Re: Installing Debian on Qnap TS-221: experiences, problems and question

Hi all,

Thanks Martin for your answer.

El 04/09/18 a las 13:17, Martin Michlmayr escribió:
> * Rubén Gómez Antolí <lobo@mucharuina.com> [2018-09-01 15:42]:
>> I have a Qnap TS-221 and last days I install Debian on it, but I have
>> some problems. In fact, I need to reinstall three times. I tell you.
> ...
>> How I can select 3.16 as my default kernel?
> Currently you have two options:
> 1) You stay no jessie.

I'm not on Jessie, I'm on Stretch with the 3.16 Jessie kernel running
right now.

> 2) You set the RAM size to 768 MB, see
> https://blog.spblinux.de/2018/09/debian-with-btrfs-on-qnap-11x-21x-kirkwood/

Great link, thanks so much. Looks like a good provisional solution, I'll
implement it.

> or I suppose:
> 3) You help us figure out a good way to fix this.  (Some potential
> networking issues were mentioned in relation to the 3G option).

I'm glad of help you, but I'm not a develover, nor a poweruser neither.
I have a medium level knowledge and a great experience (19 years how
Debian user), if you can say me that you want to test, I can do it.

Thanks again.

Kind regards.

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