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Re: Anybody here know what a rock64 is?

On Sunday 22 April 2018 16:26:04 Alan Corey wrote:

> See man xorg.conf  On my old hp laptop (Pavillion dv2700) with Debian
> Linux hp 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.43-2 (2017-04-30) x86_64
> GNU/Linux There's a /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d directory, the individual
> parts go in there with .conf extensions.  You don't need a whole one. 
> It looks in various places for one, I think it's in a man page
> somewhere.  You should be able to tell by the log if it's reading it.

Ack the log, its not.

> There's also the option of doing xorg -configure (only when running as
> root) and it will make its best guesses and write them out to an
> xorg.conf file, you can use that as a template and edit it into what
> you need.  I don't remember where it puts it, current directory or
> ~/$HOME I think.  I don't think it puts it where it needs to go to
> work.

No shell until x starts. Or I can get it to the empty screen with a 
blinken cursor. Once it gets to that screen, I have networking. Theres a 
window the boot logs itself to, but no bash or whatever.

> I don't have any usb3 stuff, does it have to be usb3?

There is a difference inside the normal looking connector, 5 contacts. 
Regular usb has 4.

> If you took 
> the drive out of the adapter and plugged it into a SATA connector
> you'd probably find it's OK, might need an fsck.  I don't know about
> clearing the buffers, seems like the power switch should work.  Maybe
> unplug any powered USB hub for a minute too.
> I don't know what vop is.  The pi has the same GUI file manager as my
> hp, pcmanfm or something.  But it seems like that would only be a
> problem under X and if you were poking around in mc without X that
> stuff shouldn't be mounted.  Maybe the file manager is only
> controlling the automount happening somewhere else.
> You can do dmesg | less or into grep for what you're looking for.  Or
> send it to a text file with >.  Or journalctl is the newer way, about
> the same stuff I think, but you can enable persistent logging to look
> at log entries just before a crash.
> On 4/22/18, Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
> > On Sunday 22 April 2018 10:33:10 Alan Corey wrote:
> >> Can't you mount something to multiple mount points?  In other words
> >> just ignore the automount and mount it where you want it in
> >> parallel?
> >
> > First you need the log to see what it was that was detected when it
> > was plugged in. Since wheezy changed to /var/log/syslog as opposed
> > to messages, the log hasn't been near as usefull, too much other
> > noise. Twould be nice if a tail could be put on dmesg.
> >
> >> One automount culprit on a Pi anyway is the GUI file manager.
> >
> > This isn't a pi, its an amd64 phenom around a decade old now. Its
> > what the card readers are being plugged into to burn images with.
> >
> > Regarding the usb3 drive thats apparently now trashed, the rock64 is
> > the only usb3 capable thing on site.
> >
> > I finally got it to boot after disabling the usb3 HD mount in fstab.
> >
> > But x isn't running, no screens found according to the log. Then 3
> > hours later I tap the spacebar to wake up the monitor again, and
> > find a 2 line message about re-adjusting it to 1366x768, which is in
> > fact the monitors native resolution. I've had a black screen with a
> > flashing underline cursor that wasn't connected to the keyboard or
> > mouse. Getting that far enables the networking, so I have a couple
> > logins into it.
> >
> > Running dmesg gets me those same lines as the screen now shows as
> > the last 2 lines.
> >  8148.676369] rockchip-vop ff370000.vop: [drm:vop_crtc_enable]
> > Update mode to 1366*768
> > [ 8148.676421] rockchip-vop ff370000.vop: [drm:vop_isr] *ERROR*
> > BUS_ERROR irq err
> >
> > What is this trying to tell me?
> >
> > So how and where do I create an xorg.conf that gives it that screen?
> >
Thanks Alan.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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