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Re: armel/marvell kernel size


On 2018-03-27 09:34, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> Similarly for wifi cards like those Intel ones like iwlwifi (which is
>> the one that I have in this Core 2 Duo here)...
> I can answer this part: yes, you can definitely put an Intel wifi card
> in the mini-pcie slot of an ARM box.

Yes, thanks for that hint (which Ben also replied to)...

This means that, in principle, we should enable many modules more to get
as full support as desired in Debian on each and every arch...

OTOH, if nobody has asked for that before, maybe there's nobody missing
such support (or they are compiling their own kernels).

As a related subject, I could compile a more stripped down version of
the armel kernel, put it for people to download and ask people to
comment if it works for them, so that we can gauge what people actually
need from such a kernel...

Thanks for your input,


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