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Re: armel/marvell kernel size

On Fri, 2018-03-23 at 18:15 -0300, Rogério Brito wrote:
> HOLY MOLY! THIS THING IS SLOW on my Core 2 Duo notebook... Granted, I only
> have 4 GB of RAM, but the amount of modules that it compiles is
> HUGE... Quite different from a "regular" kernel that I used to compile...

Don't you have access to something faster you can work on?

You should be able to save time and disk space by disabling debug info,
as that won't make any difference to the eventual kernel size.  You can
do that by adding "debug-info: false" to the [build] section in
debian/config/armel/defines.  ccache can also be useful, though it
doesn't help if you change a config symbol that affects some widely
used header file.

> I will see if all the modules make sense for an embedded system like this
> and I will send a list of options for opinions by others...

As I see it, the point of installing Debian on little NAS boxes is to
break out of the restrictions of an embedded system.  We try to
provide, so far as possible, the same features across all


Ben Hutchings
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