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Re: QNAP TS-231P debian

* basti <mailinglist@unix-solution.de> [2018-02-23 12:54]:
> as I can see on your page [1]. Current QNAP NAS are not supported by debian.
> I had have a Problem with this QNAP TS-231P an rsync so i decide to copy
> rsync binary from my raspbery3 to the NAS and it worked.
> So I thing we can use this files to run Debian on this kind of NAS?
> Whats you opinion?

In order to run full Debian you need the Linux kernel.  That is
hardware specific and last time I checked the CPU used in the TS-213P
didn't have enough support in the kernel to run Debian (there was some
inital support).

This is different to userland binaries which may work across different

You might be able to set up a Debian chroot.

Martin Michlmayr

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