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Re: Strech on TS-109 (Orion) Stucks

* Mopox <info@mopox.de> [2018-02-16 11:59]:
> i try to install Debian Strech on a QNAP TS-109. But somehow the installer
> kernel is not booting. I used a serial interface to load the debian
> installer via uboot with tftpboot as following:
> setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/ram rw
> initrd=0x800000,0x3fffff

This was one line, correct? (because in your email it shows up as two

> tftpboot 0x0800000 mtd2.bin
> tftpboot 0x400000 mtd1.bin
> bootm 0x400000

What are mtd2.bin and mtd1.bin?  You say you're loading the installer,
which would be "kernel" and "initrd" (from

> Also when I install Strech to the flash (I followed
> https://www.cyrius.com/debian/orion/qnap/ts-109/install/) I am stucking
> after reboot at the same stage. The installer is just not loading:

Above you write that you cannot load Debian installer and now you
describe problems after you install Debian.  How did you install
Debian?  Did you use the QNAP firmware to flash the installer?

Martin Michlmayr

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