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gcc-8, libatomic and armel/raspbian

It seems that gcc-8 unconditionally builds parts of libatomic with  "-march=armv7-a+fp". This was detected by Raspbian's armv7 contamination checker before the package was uploaded to raspbian. There is no such checking for Debian armel so the package was accepted there and is now being shipped in Debian armel sid and buster.

I patched out the flag in the raspbian package and things still seem to build successfully with the resulting package passing our contamination checker. A debdiff should appear soon at http://debdiffs.raspbian.org/main/g/gcc-8/

It's possible (even likely) that this is a false positive and that the code in question is behind runtime detection, even if it is a false positive though problematic to have armv7 tags on a static library because they have the potential to cause further false positives in downstream code.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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