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Re: Re: Gigabyte MP30-AR1 sd card image

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:49 PM, Eric Wallis wrote:

> It boots straight to uboot.

Are you able to get a u-boot prompt? Usually u-boot will let you pause
the boot process and go to a prompt. You would probably need to attach
a serial cable.

> How do I go about flashing it to UEFI?

The link I posted before says that MP30-AR1 (what your initial mail
mentioned) was the UEFI version of the board, but you clearly have the
MP30-AR0 with u-boot instead.

The link I posted before mentions the MP30-AR1 uses a proprietary UEFI
implementation from American MegaTrends and I don't see any Gigabyte
support in TianoCore EDK2 platforms, so you are probably going to need
to contact your vendor for access to the proprietary UEFI


That said, this page has some information about UEFI on the MP30-AR0:


PS: it looks like you bought off a vendor who isn't GPL compliant,
according to the link I posted, Gigabyte don't appear to supply source
to the version of busybox and Linux running on the BMC. If you are
able to confirm this is correct, you might want to report it to the
Software Freedom Conservancy, who represent busybox and Linux
developers and encourage GPL compliance on their behalf.




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