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Re: Resources limits

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 12:38:25AM +0500, Lev Lamberov wrote:
> Hi,
> recently I've discussed with upstream the build problems regarding the
> swi-prolog package on arm{el,hf} and mipsel [0], which are also
> highlighted in #887155 [1].
> We're wondering whether or not some of the tests are simply too
> demanding for the build machines that are probably configured with low
> resource limits. Do we have the ulimit settings (ulimit -a) of the build
> machines? This time it were henze both for arm{el,hf} and mipsel-aql-01
> for mipsel.

You've already added that to debian/rules, so that's in the build logs.

> On amd64 using /usr/bin/time -v, the max RSS is 170Mb. There will also
> be a quite high amount of reserved virtual memory, notably for the C
> stacks of the threads. We do not know the max number of threads, but
> assume about a dozen.
> Maybe it's better to blacklist swi-prolog for the weaker buildd
> candidates?

The weakest buildds have 4 GB RAM.

Some mips* buildds don't have an FPU, but all arm* ones have.

On armel/armhf all 6 buildds are exactly the same hardware.

A hard limit are 2 GB userspace address space on mips/mipsel
and 3 GB userspace address space on armel/armhf.

The build failed on armel/armhf but passed on mips,
that makes it less likely that it is just running
out of address space.

What strikes me is that 7.6.3+dfsg-1 built everywhere,[1]
but 4 weeks later 7.6.4+dfsg-1 had problems.

Porterbox abel is the same hardware as the armel/armhf buildds.

In the same armel unstable chroot on abel, 7.6.4+dfsg-1 did FTBFS
and 7.6.3+dfsg-1 did build successfully for me.

I suspect there is some (potentially bogus) change on 7.6.4
that triggers the problem, and it might be possible to bisect.

> Regards,
> Lev Lamberov


[1] except s390x, but that failure looks unrelated


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