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Migrate a SD card from olinuxino lime to lime2 ?


I'm going to upgrade my trusty olinuxino A20 lime to a lime2 board. Both board 
have to NAND or MMC memory and the kernel is installed on a SD card.

To avoid a re-install from scratch, I'd like to re-use Sd card of the lime 
board in the new lime2 board. 

Is is possible to use flash-kernel on the old board to setup the SD card for 
the new board ? 

I was thinking of:
- running the following command on the old lime card:
  FK_MACHINE="Olimex A20-OLinuXino-LIME2" flash-kernel
- move the SD card in the lime2 board
- boot the lime2 board and voilà...

Did I miss something ?

All the best

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