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Re: Re: Re: debian and wol on Buffalo Linkstation WXL

On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 3:25 AM, rosanna wrote:

> ... but, at reboot, ssh and telnet access are no more available
> any idea on what can be the cause?

It is possible that Debian is not compatible with the version of the
Linux kernel available in the original rootfs, it might be too old for
either systemd or glibc.

You could try installing an older version of Debian or it is possible
that the community of Buffalo users has ported Buffalo's Linux patches
to a newer version of Linux.

To go back to the Debian version of the Linux kernel, you will need to
remove the hard drive, mount it on another computer and reverse what
you did before; remove the symlinks and move the Debian uImage back in

mkdir tmp
sudo mount /dev/something tmp
sudo rm -f tmp/boot/uImage.buffalo
sudo rm -f tmp/boot/initrd.buffalo
sudo mv tmp/boot/uImage.buffalo.debian tmp/boot/uImage.buffalo
sudo mv tmp/boot/initrd.buffalo.debian tmp/boot/initrd.buffalo

You will probably also want to delete the files you added to the Debian rootfs:

sudo rm -f tmp/boot/uImage.buffalo.original-firmware
sudo rm -f tmp/boot/initrd.buffalo.original-firmware
sudo rm -rf tmp/lib/modules/<oldest version number>

> (sorry for being so annoying!!)

No need to apologise, you're doing great :)



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