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Re: Updated installer images

On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 10:12 PM, Christoph Biedl
<debian.axhn@manchmal.in-ulm.de> wrote:
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote...
>> Please test and report back on the individual architecture
>> mailing lists
> So far, the ride for ppc64 has been *extremely* painful. This is not
> necessarly due to your efforts, but it feels a lot like nobody ever has
> tried to set up Debian on a G5 using netboot.
> So far (might be incomplete, and I'm both tired and fairly upset):
> * Any reasonable documentation on this anywhere? No about how to set up
>   DHCP/TFTP server, I've done this many time. But what about which files
>   are needed, and how to provide a netboot-adjusted yaboot.conf, and
>   mostly: How to make yaboot make using it?
> * The OF bootloader needs two rounds to load yaboot.
> * yaboot should either get a decent on-line help or see bitrot.
> * yaboot's "conf /path/to/config" command, when initially using netboot,
>   happiliy ignores the file name but retrieves 01-xx-yy-xx-yy-xx-yy
>   using TFTP instead.
> * After a lot of trickery, the installer's vmlinux now gets loaded. At a
>   whopping 6 kbyte/sec (yes: six kilobytes). Just to remind you, kernel
>   and initrd take some 35 megabytes, and the G5 has already turned to
>   airplane mode. My neighbors will love me.
> This isn't getting anywhere useful soon.

I was able to install netboot sparc64 ldom (but not latest sid version
, which is too big to load by OBP. There's also #645657 debian bug,
but somehow it got closed).

Also, installed ppc64 LPAR, failed to install yaboot and using grub2
on Power8 server, but that installation wasn't netboot, but usual
iso/cdrom install.

I could probably try to install test ppc64 lpar with netboot just to
check how it will go, but i need to know where do i get netboot image,
since https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/ does not have netboot


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