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Re: Updated installer images

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote...

> Please test and report back on the individual architecture
> mailing lists

So far, the ride for ppc64 has been *extremely* painful. This is not
necessarly due to your efforts, but it feels a lot like nobody ever has
tried to set up Debian on a G5 using netboot.

So far (might be incomplete, and I'm both tired and fairly upset):

* Any reasonable documentation on this anywhere? No about how to set up
  DHCP/TFTP server, I've done this many time. But what about which files
  are needed, and how to provide a netboot-adjusted yaboot.conf, and
  mostly: How to make yaboot make using it?

* The OF bootloader needs two rounds to load yaboot.

* yaboot should either get a decent on-line help or see bitrot.

* yaboot's "conf /path/to/config" command, when initially using netboot,
  happiliy ignores the file name but retrieves 01-xx-yy-xx-yy-xx-yy
  using TFTP instead.

* After a lot of trickery, the installer's vmlinux now gets loaded. At a
  whopping 6 kbyte/sec (yes: six kilobytes). Just to remind you, kernel
  and initrd take some 35 megabytes, and the G5 has already turned to
  airplane mode. My neighbors will love me.

This isn't getting anywhere useful soon.


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