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Re: ARM Ports BoF: armel in buster

Quoting uhmgawa <uhmgawa@member.fsf.org>:
On 08/28/2017 08:46 AM, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
As long as you have enough flash memory (some hundreds of MiB) and RAM
(at least 64 MiB, better 128 MiB), Debian runs fine on such hardware
in my experience. It depends on your applications, of course.

Available flash is from 32~64MB depending on platform.  So manual subset
of the distro id required and where recurring the effort enters the picture.

OK, then Debian is probably not an option. I doubt, that one can strip down
Debian 9 to 32 MiB... Has anybody tried?

Debian is supposed to be the "universal operating system". I.e. it is for
server + workstation + embedded + whatever. This is different from most
other Linux distributions.

I applaud that goal.  But the approach of using a native arch build vehicle
for the distro also introduces complication for embedded class development.
Not insurmountable but additional compared to the cross-build approach
typical of embedded linux distros.

The native build requirement is only affecting Debian itself, not its users
(people deriving the distribution for their needs or building appliances).
In my company, we always cross-build our .deb packages for ARM. We do this
also, if we need to recompile official Debian packages (local backports or
patched packages). We don't have any armel hardware, that would be fun to
build packages with.

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