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Re: contemplating conversion of an r-pi3b based system to a rock64

Hmm, interesting question.  With the Pi being open source except
possibly the boot blob, somebody could make an enhanced version with
the aim of making it as compatible as possible.  Not to say the rock64
is, I don't know.

Back in the 80s there was a clone of the Apple II called the
Pineapple.  A professor at the college I was at bought one to save
money so I got to spend some time with it, it was pretty good.  Ran
all the same software, used the same plugin boards.  Of course Apple
eventually sued them and won.  Then there's the IBM -> Compaq copyover
which legend says the BIOS was written very carefully to do exactly
the same thing as IBM's without looking at IBM's.  Which got copied
all over the place to the point that hardly anybody buys IBM PCs

But taking the Pi as a standard which could legally be copied and
enhancing it, hmm.  They've evidently replaced the SOC which is the
reason for the 1 gig RAM limit, it has no BIOS.  It could become the
defacto Pi 4.  Will it run Raspbian?  I was looking for another Pi in
the next few months anyway.

On 8/27/17, Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
> Greetings all;
> What sort of problems due to internal architecture changes would I
> encounter? Currently using an rt-prempt version of 4.4.4 kernel labeled
> kernel7 since no later armhf/v7 kernel rt build has even usable
> keyboard/mouse support, with or without the extra usb2 hub for the
> dongles. This extra hub will be used in any event since the box its
> mounted in will eventually be buttoned up, severely restricting the
> range of the wireless dongles.
> This one is usable if rebooted repeatedly until it mostly works. But
> you've got to be chewing kentucky's finest twist and holding your mouth
> just so, otherwise it throws more keyboard/mouse events in the trash
> than it responds properly to.  The potential for fixing this is the
> driver for switching to a rock64.
> Suggestions as to where to src a suitable image for the rock64, hopefully
> one compatible with the current rpspi.ko driver (available as part of
> any recent linuxcnc install from buildbot.linuxcnc.org for armhf's,
> since except for keyboard/mouse, video(hdmi,mali drivers a huge plus)
> and LAN net stuffs, all other i/o is thru the gpio for this application,
> will be investigated.
> Thank you.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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