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Re: Bug#870622: ffmpeg: autopkgtest SIGBUS on armhf with binutils 2.29


On 04/08/17 09:58, Jiong Wang wrote:
> Change
>   "adreq lr,X(ff_h264_idct_add_neon) +CONFIG_THUMB"
> Into:
> .eqv ff_h264_idct_add_neon_without_func_type, X(ff_h264_idct_add_neon)
> adreq lr,  ff_h264_idct_add_neon_without_func_type +CONFIG_THUMB
> might be a solution.  The idea is we use .eqv to remove the function
> attribute, so the assembler won't set LSB in any case.

This was the commit which introduced the +CONFIG_THUMB stuff:

On the technical side, does having the LSB clear when executing a blx
instruction cause a mode change out of Thumb, or does it retain the
mode? I think all the code in that file is compiled in the same mode, so
if the mode is retained then simply dropping +CONFIG_THUMB might work.

Would it be possible for you or someone with better ARM assembly
experience to submit the fixes upstream? It would help greatly.

On Debian, there is #870676 open about NEON code on ARM. We could "fix"
this bug and that one by disabling NEON but it would be nice if we
didn't have to do that.


> On 04/08/17 12:39, Jiong Wang wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   This issue is caused by a recent change in ARM assembler included
>> since Binutils 2.29.
>>   The details of that change can be found at
>> https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=21458
>>   The semantics of ADR has changed.  In general, the address generated
>> by ADR will guarantee the LSB be set if it's a thumb function address.
>>    I noticed h264idct_neon.S is using something like:
>>      adreq lr,X(ff_h264_idct_add_neon) +CONFIG_THUMB
>>    As ADR now will set the LSB automatically, you don't need
>> CONFIG_THUMB any more.
>>    I think h264idct_neon.S needs to be updated, and the modification
>> should make sure it works with both old Binutils and the new one.
>> Regards,
>> Jiong

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