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Re: Qnap TS-109 II Status light flashing, no LAN LED

On 07/30/2017 02:46 PM, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* gestos@ftp83plus.net <gestos@ftp83plus.net> [2017-07-29 12:29]:
I just installed Debian on a Qnap Ts-109 II. I followed these
isntructions , but now the Status LED is flashing red and green, and
the LAN LED is off. The NAS appears to be working, though.

Unlike my previous attempt in September 2016, it doesn't beep
anymore to complain about an absent fan failing.

On some of the Orion-based devices (like the TS-109 II), qcontrol
doesn't seem to work at all anymore.  I didn't find time to
investigate that.

So I'm wondering if that's what you're seeing.

(It doesn't explain the LAN LED because iirc that's hooked up

My HS-210 has been flashing Red/Green for what seems like forever. The few times a reboot happens, I don't hear any beeps.

qcontrol has been out of control for a while... :-)

But everything else work, and it's in a dark room where I don't have to see the flashing. So....


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