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Re: What is the recommended armhf disk partitioner for use on rotating media?

On 17/06/17 14:15, Gene Heskett wrote:
Greetings all;

See subject, on an rpi3b running raspian/jessie. I have a terabyte usb
drive plugged in, and I want to set up an rsync cron job to backup the
sd card to this drive and I need to reset the /dev/sda1 file system to
vfat, which it is not ATM.

Use fdisk to change the type to b or c and then mkfs.vfat to reformat it. Note however that Flash-based media might have the first partition start at a specific block since one of the early blocks has slightly different properties in order to accommodate frequent FAT updates, so if you know how the device was partitioned at the factory it's worth restoring to that if possible.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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