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Re: Bug#864260: Missing kernel in debian-installer sd-card images for armhf (stretch)

Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2017-06-06):
> I guess I have found the problem: the images have a fixed size
> (~40MB uncompressed) and the netboot build has grown a few kBytes
> larger than that while the hd-media build still fits (although
> tightly). Increasing the image size should solve the problem.

I've added a patch to detect such issues and bail out when they happen,
tested in asachi's armhf sid chroot:

[ It's a little sad to have missed the “Disk full” message in the logs
for months. ;) ]

As far as I can tell, only this needed an update:

And I've also checked that bumping from 40k to 50k is sufficient to have
a successful build of src:debian-installer (in release build mode: with
unstable in debian/changelog, so building against udebs from testing).

I'll leave you or vagrant push an updated value once you agree on


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