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Re: Bug#864260: Missing kernel in debian-installer sd-card images for armhf (stretch)

Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@debian.org> (2017-06-06):
> I'd like to gently push for making it even larger, say 100MB. when
> debugging different kernel versions, it's often helpful to be able to
> append all modules to the initrd.gz, which can result in ~30MB+ initrd
> images, which usually means an extra step to copy all the files onto
> another partition, rather than copying them in-place...
> There are very few (micro)SD cards or USB sticks that can't handle that
> size, though I guess it would needlessly increase write times for the
> images to write the extra empty space...

I'm fine with whatever value is determined by consensus among arm people.

Currently testing a patch to detect full disk (it's been in our build
logs for months…).


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