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Re: keyboard config for english UTF-8

On 21/05/17 21:20, Gene Heskett wrote:

I just spent 2 hours trying to get std US keyboard response out of  PI.

The closest I have gotten so far are the correct characters about the
numerals on the top row. But I'll be switched if I can get single and
double quotes out of the key left of the enter key. I have to hit the
key twice for either, but the resultant dots are tiny and for sure
aren't recognized as quotes, single or double.

ISTR I had to edit a file in the /etc directory to get an
english_US-UTF-8 keyboard quite some time back.  And trying to do that
with a root session of raspi-config is a waste of everybodies time.

So, which side of my mouth am I supposed to be holding a chew of Kentucky
Twist to make the raspi-config capable of fixing this CORRECTLY for an
en_US-UTF-8 setup. Exactly none of the generic keyboards listed seem to
have the desired effect if any.

Thanks for any help I can paint on the wall for when I have to
build/rebuild another sd card.

Be warned that this might break subsequent use of raspi-config, but have you tried either of

dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure console-data

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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