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Re: Debian Jessie on QNAP TS-112P - Reboot instead of shutdown

Hello Helge,

Cc: += linux-i2c

On Sun, Aug 07, 2016 at 08:48:29PM +0200, Helge Wiemann wrote:
> I located the battery and removed it for 60 seconds, then booted up my NAS
> and performed your commands. My syslog and tracelog are attached.
> I think this made no difference. The date is still incorrect.

This didn't help, the bus is still stuck:

> [    2.817881] i2c i2c-0: mv64xxx_i2c_fsm: Ctlr Error -- state: 0x7, status: 0x38, addr: 0x30, flags: 0x1

This translates to:

Not sure this is accurate though.

From a quick look the mv64xxx driver doesn't support bus recovery. So
unless someone implements this the best bet is probably:

 - do it by hand, maybe from the bootloader
 - do it really by hand, by shortcutting ground and SCL up to 9 times
   until SDA goes high again.

Maybe someone from the i2c folks has a better idea.

Best regards

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