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Re: Debian Jessie on QNAP TS-112P - Reboot instead of shutdown

Hello Helge,

On 08/07/2016 11:37 AM, Helge Wiemann wrote:
> apt install i2c-tools
> echo 0-0030 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0030/driver/unbind
> i2cget -y 0 0x30 0x80
> This is what you asked for:
> 1) -bash: echo: write error: No such device
> 2) no output
> 3) i2cget -y 0 0x30 0x80
> 4) -bash: echo: write error: No such device
> Trace & system log are attached.

Your i2c bus is stuck, probably because the rtc pulls down the SDA line.

Can you make your machine completely voltage free for a moment? That is
remove any power cords and a maybe existing backup battery.

If you are able to locate the chip on your pcb, there must be 0 V
between pin 4 (VSS) and pin 8 (VDD).

Best regards

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