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Re: Broadcom BCM2709, ARMv8, and missing CPU features

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On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 5:35 PM, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> wrote:

> Keep in mind it's not different Debian images we are talking about —
> "real" Debian cannot be booted on Raspberry hardware. I run a Debian
> userland on top of their provided kernel (with the mystery blobs to
> control its hardware), started by their mystery bootloader. And yes,
> for us people coming from the x86 world, we expect similar devices to
> "just work", but in ARM it *is* really a different way of doing things
> per each kind of board.

 i did find it very funny to learn that Linus did not understand why there
 were so many ARM developers at the Cambridge Linux Conference
 back in... when was it... 2007?  it coincided with UKUUG at the time.
 he's famously on record as saying "why are there so many of you?
 go away, choose one representative and come back with just one

 likewise, i _am_ on record as pointing out a long long time ago that
 device-tree will not stop the proliferation or complexity of developing
 device drivers for ARM: it merely *moves* the proliferation and
 complexity... into dtsi files....

 the only big advantage of dtb files (binary compiled) is *IF* the
 decision is made to respect dtb files and treat them as inviolate
 and supported forever without needing recompiles, you stand a
 chance of being able to upgrade linux kernels *without* replacing
 the dtb file.  however i seriously doubt that the stringent testing
 needed to make that work will ever be put in place.  oh well.


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