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On 06/05/16 20:59, Phil Endecott wrote:
It interests me to speculate as to why, at both a technical and an
organisational level, these people are doing their own things, rather
than making "real" Debian work on this board.  Are any of the
people involved in this even reading this list?
To get "plain Debian" working on a board with a new SoC requires a LOT of effort upstreaming patches (since the Debian maintainers understandablly don't want to put random vendor crap in their packages and try to support it locally). Even when it does work there are often functional limitations due to code that is either non-free or is free but needs major reworking before upstream will take it.

Whereas to get a mostly Debian system with a few custom bits (kernel, bootloader, possiblly custom versions of a few libraries) going is much easier.

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