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Cross-distribution ARM meetings at Linaro connect this weel


We have a few sessions at this Linaro connect that could be in
interest of Linux distributions working on Arm/Linux:

Tuesday 14.00 Bangkok time: (07.00 UTC):
https://bkk16.pathable.com/meetings/372827 BKK16-212: What's broken on ARM64?
Thursday 10.10 Bangkok time: (03.00 UTC):
https://bkk16.pathable.com/meetings/372890 BKK16-402: Cross distro BoF
Friday 10.10 Bangkok time: (03.00 UTC):
https://bkk16.pathable.com/meetings/372923 BKK16-501: Kernel
Consolidation and Other Short Stories

Talks are being live-streamed (thou there were problems today..) and
recorded in case time happens to be inconvenient in your timezones.

If you have anything specific in your mind, feel free to reply to this mail to
cross-distribution list, and I'll get it added to the agenda slides.


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