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Re: hostname ?

No clue but I wondered why a RAID stack would need the hostname so I
Googled:  raid hostname

You're not alone by the looks.  And it's not peculiar to the hardware.
comes close.

I haven't used a RAID in years and that was under Windows NT and
OpenBSD.  Seems like the installer should ask though, I remember that
question from a few days ago when using an install disk to get into
rescue mode (i386/686).  If you really didn't get asked (debian was
the default I saw), that might be a legitimate bug.

On 2/22/16, Nagel, Peter (IFP) <peter.nagel@kit.edu> wrote:
> I have just done a new installation on a Kirkwood system (QNAP-TS 420)
> using the expert mode.
> After the the installation I realized that the installer hasn't asked me
> for the hostname.
> I have now changed the hostname but it turned out that the RAID-device
> is still containing the old name.
> Since the RAID-device contains the / directory I can not just stop and
> re-assamble the RAID-device with a new name.
> How can I change the name of the RAID-device?
> Peter

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