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Re: Installability of desktops on arm64

Michael Cree wrote:
On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 10:26:43PM +0100, peter green wrote:
Andreas Henriksson wrote:
This should give the rest of GNOME a chance to build now...
Unfortunately we aren't there yet.

Currently installability of gnome-core is blocked by the chain
(note: this is probablly not the only blocker, just the first
serioues one I ran into)


Seed is blocked by a general FTBFS for which there has been a link
to a patch in the bug report for 4 and a half months but no response
from the maintainers regarding when they aim to get that fix into
debian (or alternatively what is blocking getting it in).

libpeas FTBFS on a number of arches (including release arches) if seed
support is compiled in.  I see in the changelog that seed support is
disabled on powerpc, s390x, sparc, hurd and mips.  To get things moving
on alpha I just disabled the seed support and uploaded to deb-ports
unreleased, and added a request for alpha to be put in the seed
exclusion list to bug 757241.
Well the libpeas/seed issue has been dealt with.

Unfortunately evoloution-data-server (which built successfully on arm64 in the past) has picked up a dependency on libphonenumber which failed with a testsuite failure

SEVERE: Failed validation for Country Code: 675 National Number: -9223372036854775808 Leading Zero(s): true Number of leading zeros: 2

Unfortunately I can't test this myself because i'm doing my arm64 testing using user mode qemu and the version of usermode aarch64 qemu doesn't seem to get on with openjdk and even if I could I have no idea how to debug what I strongly suspect is an internal issue in openjdk.

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