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Re: arm64 update - help wanted

Wookey wrote:
The debian-port arm64 rebootstrap is progressing nicely, and we just
passed 4200 source packages built, with another few hundred
pending. There are now 2 buildds running.
Cool, have you seen any news on when we might actually be able to buy the stuff (which afaict is a prerequisite for getting into Debian)
Anyone who is interested in doing this work, or just has some idea of
how much work is involved, do please pipe up (I don't know if each of
these is 6 months or 6 minutes). There is a porter box available.
Any further info on this? google, the debian machines database and the arm64 wiki page don't seem to be turning anything up.
GHCi (ghc is done, but not ghci - is this hard?)
Note that 32-bit arm doesn't currently have ghci either.

I don't do haskell but I have googled the issue with no ghci on arm before and iirc it's a problem with their "runtime linker", there was a suggestion of punting that functionality to llvm but I didn't find any evidence of anything coming from it.
A google search turns up some github links to what appears to be an attempt at a port but i've no idea if it's a usable port or not. Might be worth following them up and finding out what the status is.

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