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Re: Good ARM board for Debian?

On 12/23/2013 4:26 AM, Levy S. wrote:

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 2:09 AM, Jerry Stuckle <jstuckle@attglobal.net
<mailto:jstuckle@attglobal.net>> wrote:

    500Mhz ARM (faster is better),
    512Mb RAM (1GB would be better),
    100MB Ethernet,
    SD/Micro SD card 4G or greater (a second slot would be nice so one
    for software, one for data),
    1 SPI,
    3-4 GPIO.
    Video/USB keyboard/mouse are optional but could be used for
    development.  Once installed, the system will be remote, accessed by
    ethernet (TCP/IP).

    Client would like to keep the cost below $50 US in quantity (i.e.

I like my BeagleBone Black. It's supported by Debian:

best regards,
Levy S.


Yes, but unfortunately, as I said above, their licensing requirements are not acceptable to the client.


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