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Re: Fwd: Do others see install failures on DNS-323 to ext2 FS from Debian 7.0 netboot.img?

* Tai Viinikka <tai@eastpole.ca> [2013-11-13 10:24]:
> Yes. I can only speak for my colleague and myself; we saw only ext2
> and several FAT-related choices when we ran d-i and chose to use its
> partitioning UI. I don't know why ext3 et al. were not on the menu.
> Of course, d-i is running in 64 MB of RAM in this case. Two

Thanks for pointing this out.  This explains the behaviour you're
seeing.  Debian installer has a low memory mode ("lowmem").  In this
mode, additional modules are not loaded automatically; this includes
the ext3 module.

I'll change the instructions to tell users to choose the ext3

Martin, wondering when 64 MB of RAM became low memory...
Martin Michlmayr

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