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Re: Porting for dummies?

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 7:17 AM, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

> Is there a tutorial/doc/manual anywhere on porting OpenGL code to
> OpenGLES, and ideally also on cross-compiling for ARM+OpenGLES under
> Debian, so that I could try to do it even before I get any real ARM
> hardware? (It seems, from discussions here, that there might be
> interesting options a few months down the line).

Debian's version of OpenGL is called Mesa and it supports normal
OpenGL on armel too, it would not be hardware-accelerated yet though
because there aren't any free drivers for that in Debian. Same goes
for hardware-acceleration of OpenGLES on ARM, no free drivers in
Debian yet. Some reverse engineering projects and free drivers exist
outside of Debian though:


You can install OpenGLES (libgles1-mesa-dev or libgles2-mesa-dev) on
your standard Debian amd64 PC system, try to build your code and
change it until it doesn't fail. This will be hardware-accelerated and
be easier than messing around with cross-compilers.

Here are some guides for converting OpenGL code to OpenGLES, any
issues you encounter should be fixable by using a search engine


Debian plans to add cross-compilers for our next release:


Until they reach Debian, here is a page about how to build cross-compilers:




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