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Re: ARM Sprint (Re: Arm bof and raspbian.)

Hector Oron wrote:
Hi Peter,

Was this meant to go to the list?

Yes, ccing the list and leaving all quotes in.
2013/8/25 peter green <plugwash@p10link.net>:
Hector Oron wrote:

"WANTED Donation of full ARM server to Debian infrastructure "
You might want to clarify exactly what you mean by "full arm server"

While i'm sure debian wouldn't say no if someone offered a fully loaded
chassis I think it would be extreme overkill. Afaict debian arm
infrastructure requirements are of the order of 10 nodes (4 buildds each for
armel and armhf, a porterbox and a hotspare) which is way less than the
number a fully loaded arm server chassis holds.

Sure, currently Debian has 3 donated nodes. Debian wants a server
Debian can host on its accesible data centers. I'll make clarification
on it anyway.
Another subject for discussion surrounding buildds is building of armel on
armv7 hardware. This would (when combined with modern multicore high ram
armv7 hardware) reduce build times considerablly but it is something that
needs to be done carefully. I'm aware of at least one package (atlas) that
doesn't build correctly in that scenario (I filed a bug report, severity
important) and i'm sure there are others. If we don't want to cause
regressions then we need a process to weed them out before putting armv7
buildds into service building armel (one option could be to have the new
buildds do a full archive rebuild before being put into service, then
compare the results of that rebuild with what is in the archive).

Sure, we need a plan for that, I'd like to discuss on it during the Sprint.

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