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Re: Arm bof and raspbian.

+++ peter green [2013-08-16 11:53 +0100]:
> I've just watched the stream of the arm bof  (a video will hopefully
> appear at http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2013/debconf13/high/
> but doesn't seem to be available yet). I tried to participate over
> IRC but it doesn't seem I was terriblly successful in doing so
> (wooky later apologised for not watching the correct irc channel).


> There were a few proposals, one suggestion was to make armhf-v6 a
> new architecture 

> Another proposal was to expand the package management tools and
> archive infrastructure to support variants of a port with different
> minimum CPU requirements 

> Yet another proposal was to simply drop the minimum CPU requirements
> of armhf to support the Pi. 

Afterwards another suggestion was made: to simply do an armv6,vfp2
rebuild of armhf in ports.debian.net. Combined with an installer
configured to point to that repo it would mean 'normal' armhf stayed
exactly as-is, but we'd also have a v6 armhf on ports which was easy
to install. Users just have to point their repos at the right one. 

This actually seems like quite a good idea, as it's easy to do and
should give everyone what they need. It can easily be dropped in the
future when it's no longer relevant. We do have an issue of
ports.debian.net machine currently being overloaded, but we need to
fix that for arm64 anyway.


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